Will Drotsky

Will is an experienced Psychologist  currently specialising in Clinical Psychology. He is the founder of the after hours practice, PsychologyCare on the Gold Coast. He has Australian Psychology Board endorsement to practice in the areas of Clinical, Counselling and Forensic Psychology.




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Will has practised psychology in various countries abroad and worked in public mental health, hospital settings, private corporations, non-government organisaions and in private practice. His experience covers a diverse group of clients and disorders, ranging from individuals with severe mental illnesses, such as Schizophrenia and other psychotic illnesses, to criminal behaviour and career counselling.

His current areas of interest and specialisations are anxiety and anxiety related disorders, stress management, mood disorders and hoarding behaviour.        

As part of his post-graduate studies, Will completed a research project on goal-setting in therapeutic context and offer Theracoaching as part of his services. Theracoaching is a combination of therapy and coaching, devised to help clients achieve their personal and professional goals in life. Using his experience in Psychology and Counselling in different countries, as well as a 14 year career in the Diplomatic Service, he is well equipped to work in a multi-cultural context.  His diplomatic career allowed him to work in a corporate and international environment,  and to be involved in the training and mentoring of diplomats.    

Will believes in a body-mind connection and follows a holistic approach to therapy, with emphasis on a healthy life style and work-life balance. Will ensures a safe, relaxed and confidential environment when working with his clients. He uses treatment modalities that are backed by scientific research and that have been demonstrated to be effective in the long-term.

Will values the therapeutic relationship (i.e., the client-therapist relationship) as key to successful treatment results. Each of his clients is treated as an individual with unique circumstances, desires, dreams and strengths. Will endeavours to tailor treatment to best suit his client's personality and situation.

Will is an honorary teaching fellow at Bond University on the Gold Coast and is supervising Masters and Doctorate clinical psychology students of Bond University and Griffith University.